Exterior PVC Cladding Calculator

We recommend that cladding is fitted by an experienced tradesperson, but before you get a quote you might like to find out approximately how much cladding you will need.

Use the calculator below to find out the approximate number of cladding boards and packs required for your project.

Step 1  Select the type of cladding board

Step 2  Enter your measurements into the relevant sections below

Doors and Windows
Measurements of doors and windows need to be deducted from the final calculation.

Fitting Trims
Don’t forget to order matching cladding fitting trims.

1. Select board

151mm Shiplap Cladding
1 board covers 0.75 sq m
5 boards per pack
250mm Render Finish Cladding
1 board covers 1.25 sq m
2 boards per pack
170mm Embossed Cladding
1 board covers 0.85 sq m
6 boards per pack
300mm Embossed Cladding
1 board covers 1.50 sq m
2 boards per pack
333mm Embossed Cladding
1 board covers 1.65 sq m
2 boards per pack
143mm Woodgrain Cladding
1 board covers 0.715 sq m
2 boards per pack

2. Calculate area

Calculate triangular area

Calculate rectangular area

You will need...

Total number of boards:
Total number of packs:

NB: Please note that this calculation includes a 10% allowance for potential wastage when cutting or angling the product.