Exterior PVC Cladding Calculator

We recommend that cladding is fitted by an experienced tradesperson.

But more and more homeowners are either;

  • sourcing and purchasing cladding for their project – ready for a local installer to fit

  • sourcing, purchasing and fitting cladding to their own home or garden room.

Freefoam have made it easy to work out exactly how much exterior PVC cladding and fitting trims you will need for your project.

Use this clever Cladding Calculator to get an accurate product quantity list including cladding boards and all fitting accessories. It will even deduct the areas for windows and doors!

Our calculator will help to eliminate costly product wastage, saving you money.

Using the Cladding Calculator

The Freefoam Cladding Calculator below, will provide exact numbers of boards and quantities of all trims needed for your project.

  • Choose the shape that matches the area to be clad on your property

  • Add in windows and doors

  • Put in your dimensions

  • Choose your cladding boards and trims

  • Fill in your email address

  • You’ll receive a full breakdown of each product needed for your cladding project.

Next steps

You now have everything you need to order your products.

Contact your local Freefoam stockist who will be happy to advise on product availability and prices.

If you would like a fitting quote

Use our Quote Request form to find a local installer who will be able to advise on fitting trims.